Zamara Lea Robison


Artist Statement

Zamara deals with the unconscious; her practice explores notions of the human condition and psychological experience. Working in the fields of sculpture, installation and performance her process often involves the intimate production of hand made sculptural objects. The use of tactile materials, commonly fabrics and latex, draws similarities to the body and skin-like surfaces. Zamara’s work uses gestural organic form, mimicking aspects of the abject body and bodily functions, in this way her work generates its own dialogue through body language, which is read against the space and the human body. Her practice is formed through an interest in Psychology and human nature, focusing on the darker aspects of the unconscious and difficulties in dealing with and understanding trauma, loss and pain within ourselves. Her practice aims to communicate a form of experiential understanding, through the viewers’ physical relation to and material familiarity with the work. Through her art Zamara seeks to produce an empathetic response to sculptural forms and relationships, by creating transitional objects onto which the unconscious may be projected. Her sculptural works become a reflection of feelings and of physiological phenomenon, a form of materialised therapy.

Curriculum Vitae


Solo Exhibitions
  • Subconscious Being, First Site Gallery, Melbourne
Group Exhibitions and Events
  • Formation, First Site Gallery, Melbourne
  • Paradise Lost, Paradise Hills Gallery, Melbourne
  • RMIT Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University
  • Burden, RMIT Univerisity
  • RMIT Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University
  • Superfictions 1: The Art Fair Murders, Kings ARI
  • Creme: The Affects of Materiality, RMIT School of Art Gallery
  • 2016: 110 Years, The Substation
  • 2014: PERFORMPRINT, Art House Meat Market
  • 2015: Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) Honours - RMIT University
  • 2014: Bachelor of Fine Arts - Sound, Sculpture and Spatial Practice, RMIT University
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