Manda Jean

Artist Statement

Manda Jean is a Melbourne-based, emerging artist with a keen interest in Australian botanicals.

She draws inspiration from the native vegetation within local suburban green corridors, and enjoys exploring methods to represent this plant-life in different ways.

With a non-artistic academic background, she has developed a daily drawing practice as a way to balance out her day job in data analysis, while providing her with an opportunity to improve her skills.

Her chosen mediums include fineliners, paint markers, acrylics and aerosols, but also enjoys working with new materials and objects.

Group Exhibitions


  • 'Flora', Incube8r Gallery, Feb 2018

  • 'Dodgy Days', Dodgy Paper - April 2018

  • 'Anything Goes', Tree Paper Comics - May 2018

  • 'Connections - Stories of the Melbourne Landscape', Tree Paper Comics, June 2018, exhibited and co-curated.

  • 'Object/Subject', Blender Studios Group Show- July 2018

  • Sydney Road's Art on Windows 2018

  • Snoots greyhound charity exhibition, Tree Paper Comics, Sept 2018.

  • Biopak's BioCup Art Series, for release late 2018

  • The Stockroom's 'Unofficial Collaboration Group Show 2.0', Oct/Nov 2018

  • Fourtyfivedownstairs' Small45 Exhibition, Nov 2018

  • The Stockroom's '12x12' Exhibition, Nov/Dec 2018.

  • Lousy Ink's Lousy Group Show, BSIDE Gallery, Nov 2018.

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