Instagram: @n20_jo

Melbourne based urban artist.

Artist Statement

Exploring ideas of childhood, memory and ageing, N2o creates works that evoke nostalgia and encourage reflection.  Her work aims to remind us of a time when we did things for the pure joy of it and to inspire our adult selves to relive and embrace this ideal.
Viewing childhood in the context of the past, present and future N2o explores themes around how childhood shapes us and what this may mean for future generations.
N2o studied fine art at with a major in ceramic design at Monash University, but after many years changed disciplines and commenced painting in 2016. 
Focusing mainly in acrylics and stencil work her art can be seen on the streets and in private collections both locally and internationally 


  • BA fine Art - Ceramic Design - Monash University (1993)
    • Masters in Management (HR) Monash University (2002)



      • Animalia - Off the Kerb Gallery - Collingwood
      • International Women’s day exhibition -The Stockroom Gallery -Clifton Hill
      • 2018
        • 12”x12” – The Stockroom Gallery- Clifton Hill
        • Sphere – Off The Kerb Gallery - Collingwood
        • 2017
          • Bring a plate – The Stockroom - Ringwood
          • Respect- A queer affair - Brunswick Street Gallery - Fitzroy
          • Dodgy art show (works on Dodgy art paper)-The Stockroom Ringwood
          • Ownit Street art exhibition - North Melbourne


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