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Artist Statement

Developing over a number of years, in response to perpetually changing urban environments, my artwork is process-driven, concentrating on temporary and transient situations; this state of flux in the ‘lifecycle’ of a city, with the constant interplay between construction and dereliction, particularly informs my work.

Investigating these concepts through drawing, painting and installation, both in the studio and in site-specific work, using traditional media and found materials to reflect the differing elements of the subject; some applications are precise whilst others are accidental and chaotic, creating a complexity of line and concept to reflect the urban experience.


  • 2009-10

    Bureau of Ideas and Symbiotica seminars attended in Perth, WA.

  • 2009

    UWA, Crawley, WA - Art Forensic; Facial Reconstruction Lab.

  • 2007

    Manchester Metropolitan University, UK - MA module: Art Education 7-11.

  • 2005

    Salford University, UK - MA Art in Context module.

  • 2003

    Arts Train - Artist in the Community course.

  • 1993-95

    Wimbledon School of Art and Bath College of Art - BA(Hons) Fine Art (Painting).

  • 1992

    Swindon College of Art - BTEC Art Foundation (passed with distinction).

Selected Exhibitions & Awards

  • June 2018

    ‘Construction Lines II – Shifting Perspective’ – solo installation exhibition at Memphis Gardens Project Space, Collingwood, Melbourne

  • Jan-Feb 2018

    ‘Process Development Site’ – solo exhibition at Tidal Space, Docklands, Melbourne.

  • March 2017

    ‘Lousy Ink’ group show at BSIDE Gallery, Fitzroy

  • Sep-Oct 2016

    ‘Construction Lines -enter at your own risk!’- solo exhibition at Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne.

  • Nov-Dec 2015

    Blender Studio group show - Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne.

  • Sep 2015

    ‘Inflection’- architectural journal feature exhibition – Dulux Gallery, The University of Melbourne, Carlton.

  • Aug-Sep 2015

    ‘Urban Materiality’– curated group show – Brunswick St. Gallery, Fitzroy.

  • Dec 2014- Jan 2015

    Blender Studio group show - Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne.

  • Mar-July 2014

    ‘When Street and Art Collide’- Joint Curator/ Exhibitor - group show by Blender Studio Artists at Shoalhaven Gallery, Nowra, NSW

  • Feb 2014

    Knowles Gallery, Melbourne - group exhibition

  • Dec 2013- Jan 2014

    Blender Studio group show - Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne

  • July 2013

    Likeness 3 - the process of portrayal - Curator/ Exhibitor - group exhibition at 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy.

  • Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

    ’40 x 40’ Art Prize exhibition – Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy.

  • Nov-Dec 2012

    The Secret Life of Space- 69 Smith Street Art Prize 2012 exhibition - awarded Honourable Mention.

  • Aug-Sept 2012

    Likeness 2 - group exhibition at 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy.

  • May 2012

    Art Melbourne 2012 - START exhibitor.

  • May 2011

    Art Melbourne 11 - represented by "Interactive Arts".

  • Dec 2010

    Bliss - group exhibition at Claremont Art Framers, WA.

  • Sept 2010

    Inside Outside- group exhibition, UWA University Club, WA.

  • Aug 2010

    Feature Artist at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Perth - event arranged by Property Oz.

  • April 2006

    Sideshow- group exhibition in Nottingham, UK – selected show relating to exhibitions during “British Art Show 2006” throughout the UK.

  • Mar 2006

    Group exhibition at Charlton Mill, Manchester for the launch of “”.

  • Dec 2005-Feb 2006

    Collective – site-specific group exhibition and event, with associated workshops with local youth groups, at Wellington Mill, Manchester, UK.

  • Oct 2003

    Fundamentalism - Group show at Urbis, Manchester, UK.

  • June 2001

    Stung at DADI, Manchester - group exhibition - visual artwork, poetry, music.

  • April-June 2001

    NOIZ, Zion Centre, Manchester - curated by Yuen Fong Ling (Castlefield Gallery.)

  • Aug-Sept 1999

    Reality Fragments - solo exhibition at Gen X, Manchester- represented by Comme Ca PR.

  • May-Aug 1999

    Beneath the Surface - solo exhibition at Sandbar, Manchester.

  • Sept 1998

    Layers on Layers - solo exhibition at Balearica, Manchester.

  • 1997-2007

    Annual Open Studio events at Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, UK.

Residencies & Commissions

  • June 2018-2020

    ‘The Process of Development’- architectural artwork commission for ‘Brookfield’ at 405 Bourke St. development in Melbourne CBD.

  • Sep 2017

    Artwork commission for ‘Amazon’, to be exhibited in Las Vegas

  • July 2016

    ‘Urban Space Project’ lightbox commission for Qualitas CBD office, Melbourne.

  • June-Sept 2010

    Artist in Residence at Parmelia House, Perth, WA, through Interactive Arts, sponsored by Hawaiian- artwork donated for auction, and workshop (prize) given at Balcatta High School, WA.

  • Jan-June 2010

    Artist in Residence (Studio Artist) at Fremantle Arts Centre, WA, sponsored by Jacksons Art Supplies Pty Ltd, leading to an installation piece and a public event to discuss the drawing process with artist and curator, Consuelo Cavaniglia.

  • Sept 2006-Feb 2007

    Artist in School at Sacred Heart R.C, Primary School – developing art projects in relation to the school curriculum.

  • Sept-Nov 2003

    Artist in Residence at Ashton-u-Lyne Sixth Form College, Lancs, UK, working with AVCE and A’level students and producing 2 large commissioned paintings.

  • Jan 2003

    Artist in Residence at Moston Lane Primary School, Manchester, UK, working with curriculum-based ideas.

  • Aug-Sept 2002

    Public Art Recycling Project commission with Black Labrador, Manchester.

Workshops and Talks

  • May 2015

    Tours of Blender Studios, Melbourne, for Immanuel College, Adelaide, and RMIT students.

  • Sep 2010

    Workshop at Balcatta High School, Perth, WA

  • May 2010

    Event/ Talk during residency at Fremantle Arts Centre, WA

  • July 2007

    St. Bernard’s R.C. School, Manchester, UK - curriculum-based workshops.

  • Aug 2005

    Edgehill Youth Centre, Liverpool, UK - workshops.

  • Nov 2004

    Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK - ‘The Gallery Cat’.

  • July 2004

    Under our Streets’- Lead Artist (Creative Partnerships, Royal Exchange Theatre.)

  • April-June 2004

    ‘Surestart’ at Fulmead Family Centre, Manchester

  • March 2004

    ‘Around the World’ project at Moston Lane Primary School, Manchester

  • August 2003

    Workshops at Youth Centres in Liverpool, UK for MPAC

  • July 2003

    CAPE collaborative art project- Burnage High School, Manchester, UK.

  • Feb-April 2003

    Workshops at Bronte and Edgehill Youth Centres, Liverpool, UK.

  • July-August 2002

    Salford Art Gallery - workshops.

  • May 2002

    The Big Picture’ project for the ‘Dreamscheme’ summer conference

  • Jan 2002

    Kirkby Art Gallery - workshops

Publications & Illustration

  • Nov 2015

    ‘Inflection’ architectural journal feature – The University of Melbourne.

  • June-Oct 2012

    The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition, Brooklyn Art Library, New York.

  • April 2008

    Granada Television, Manchester, UK – artworks leased for televised productions.

  • Feb 2007

    Bread for the Seven Sleepers book cover illustration.

  • Mar 2005

    True North book cover illustration.

  • June 2002

    Commissioned illustrations for Dreamscheme training manual.

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